Bush Griddle

Bush Griddle


by Marinka Parnham.

Bush Griddle 120 cm x 120 cm, oil on canvas, framed in natural oak shadow box.

Marinka Parnham is a Melbourne-based painter, textile designer, and mother. A born creative, she grew up with a paintbrush or pencil permanently in hand, experimenting with new techniques and mediums.

Inspired by nature, landscapes and colour, Marinka’s paintings are vibrant and full of life. Flora and Fauna are always a point of inspiration, particularly their movement and texture.

Marinka’s work has continually evolved and her latest collection resonates deeply with modern interiors adding bold pops of colour and an energetic vibrancy to any space they occupy. Marinka herself says, “I am continually inspired by the energy and fluid nature of the world around me. I see how everyday objects can be translated and transformed into captured moments in hanging art.”

Her latest range of abstract landscapes is inspired by the Australian countryside. It is a collaboration of not just a single space, but a collection of places that are compiled on the canvas to convey the indispensable quality and uniqueness of the land.

Bush Griddle can be viewed in the Miko Designs showroom located at 1/72 Barrier Street, Fyshwick.


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