Base Table

Base Table


by Muuto

I wanted the table to have its own character but not be imposing. The design aim was to reduce the table to its archetypal form. The functional simplicity of Base is supported by behind-the-scenes technology to create a slim, lightweight and strong table. At the same time, Base is friendly and welcoming in the way it looks. The result is a versatile metal frame table that can be extended into a very large conference table or just as easily used as a simple dining room table.


Made for robust daily use, the Base Table has an aluminium frame covered with acrylic paint. A straight-forward table that will look good in any personal or professional space, the rectangular Base Table acts as the foundation of a room. Its focus on materials, quality and simplicity showcases the Scandinavian design tradition and makes it adaptable to any area.

A high quality and versatile table series, that casts the iconic shape of a table, as straight forward as a child’s drawing. The tables have a lightness in its design that adds an interesting contrast to the table’s strength and robust materials. 

Mika Tolvanen is part of the Finnish Rehti Design group. After graduating from the Royal College of Art with a Master in design in 2001, Mika established his own design office in Helsinki. He has since worked with some of the world’s top designers and manufacturers. 


The Base Table is available in four in-stock sizes:

  • 140 cm (length) x 80 cm (width) x 73 cm (height)

  • 190 cm (length) x 85 cm (width) x 73 cm (height)

  • 250 cm (length) x 90 cm (width) x 73 cm (height)

  • Round table: 110 cm (diameter) x 73 cm (height).

The Base Table is also available in made-to-order sizes:

  • 70 cm (length) x 70 cm (width) x 73 cm (height)

  • 80 cm (length) x 80 cm (width) x 73 cm (height)

  • 128 cm (length) x 128 cm (width) x 73 cm (height)

  • 140 cm (length) x 70 cm (width) x 73 cm (height)

  • 190 cm (length) x 80 cm (width) x 73 cm (height)

  • 250 cm (length) x 110 cm (width) x 73 cm (height)

  • 300 cm (length) x 110 cm (width) x 73 cm (height)

  • 440 cm (length) x 110 cm (width) x 73 cm (height)

  • Round table: 90 cm (diameter) x 73 cm (height)

  • Round table: 128 cm (diameter) x 73 cm (height). 


The table base’s legs and corners are made from extruded aluminium with an extra durable acrylic paint.

The table-top is cut from furniture board and finished with either a laminate (white), linoleum surface (black) or oak veneer.

The table top’s edges are finished with either plywood edges, or ABS edge banding. 

The Base Table table top base is available in a range of colours:

  • Oak veneer

  • Black linoleum

  • White laminate.

The table’s base is available in:

  • Black

  • White.

Please contact us to discuss base, table top and edge combinations for your preferred table size.


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