Chunky Wool Cushion – Ivory

Chunky Wool Cushion – Ivory


by Purple Jungle.

This beautiful feature cushion will add texture on your bed, sofa or armchair.

Hand knitted from natural soft chunky merino wool with polyester cushion insert.


Approximately 400 mm.


Miko Designs offers free shipping throughout Australia for the chunky cushion.

Lead time

Lead time for the cushion is 4–6 weeks.


Please note this is a decorative cushion made from unspun natural wool roving, so it requires gentle use. It is better to avoid any cleaning. Do not wash it in the washing machine. Remove wool fluffs on regular basis. Due to the nature of Merino roving, shedding and pilling is a normal process. Some fluffs may appear on clothes while covering, also avoid contact with abrasive materials.

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