Pebble Rug

Pebble Rug

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By Muuto

Pebble Rug is inspired by the sensuous feeling of a pebbled beach with its diverse and tactile surface, inviting you to take off your shoes and walk across it barefooted. With a handwoven structure that references fashion textiles, the Pebble Rug plays with the contrasting materials of its soft, woollen loops, sitting atop a sturdy canvas base in cooling jute yarn. Pebble Rug brings a new perspective to any space through its woolen loops, popping up from the ground like sprouts in a bed of moss, joined by the distinct woven texture of its surface. 


Pebble Rug has a diverse and tactile surface, inspired by the sensuous feeling of walking across a pebbled beach. With a handwoven structure, Pebble Rug contrasts the materials of its soft, woollen loops with its sturdy canvas base in a cooling jute yarn.

Pebble Rug has a distinct and modern woven texture for any hospitality setting, lobby, hotel space or co-working area. 

Margrethe Odgaard was educated at the The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design, graduating in 2005 with additional studies at Rhode Island School of Design in the US. Margrethe’s focus as a textile designer is on colours, patterns, and tactility. What drives her work is a constant search for new ways of exploring colour and pattern within materials. 


The Pebble Rug is available in two sizes:

  • 300 cm x 200 cm

  • 240 cm x 170 cm.

Four colours are available:

  • Pale Rose

  • Burnt orange

  • Light grey

  • Dark grey.


The Pebble Rug is made from 60% wool and 40% jute fibres, both natural materials that are easy to clean and preserve.

Pebble Rug is produced by combining the hand loom techniques of loop pile weaves and flat weaves. To create the loop pile pattern that gives Pebble Rug its tactile structure, the thick wool fibre yarn is wrapped around a special rod during weaving for an even and precise loop effect. This special handloom technique integrates the loop piles harmoniously into the flat weave base of the rug, created from jute fibres. 

The rug comes with a canvas backing pasted with synthetic latex which ensures that the rug lays smoothly on the floor


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