Nightworks Studio 2019 Range

Nightworks Studio creates heirloom pieces with a timeless feel which suit any interior, both residential or commercial.



Inspired by the morse code, Code is created with hand-blown glass and solid brass, and features pendants and an elegant wall sconce.


Petrine is a series of stunning architectural statement lights, with a distinctive geometric shape at its core, available in a single pendant, double pendant and wall light.


Defined by fluted glass, Zeppelin is a simple and elegant series available in wall sconces and pendants.


The little brother to Nightworks’ popular Duomo Range, the Piccolo range is available in a wall sconce and pendant light and is now suitable in wet areas.

Design is in the details.

Years of development and innovation has gone into the creation of Nightworks Studio’s newest collection.

Complementing their exquisite design, the collection features mouth-blown glass and hand finished aged brass components.


About Nightworks Studio

We create beautifully designed products for beautifully designed spaces, and our original design approach ensures your project will stand out from the ordinary. We're committed to providing you with a great product that is designed and engineered to last, just as we've been doing for the past decade.

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