Sage x Clare’s Barrku Collection

The rich hues of the Australian landscape. The beautiful intricacies of artisanal methods. And the intrigue of remote destinations. These are the inspirations behind the Barrku collection. 

Meaning a far-away place in the Aboriginal dialect of Yolngu, Barrku is a celebration of a secluded environment where the colour palette is dictated by the natural surrounds and a relaxed, uncomplicated way of life observes simple pleasures. 

From embroidery, chain-stitch, hand-weaving and screen printing, to beadwork, tassels, shag and tufting, we explore a myriad of playful detailing which both complements and contrasts.

Set against rich patterns and luxe textures, we delve further into a world where refined aesthetics are at the core of this eclectic combination of homewares.

It’s where a good book and a glass of wine provide the only company you need. It’s where warm gestures mean as much as a kind word. And it’s where everyday chaos makes way for quiet leisure time.

For the first time, we have included a block-coloured linen range which combines a laid-back bohemian vibe with the unmatched luxury of this natural textile.

Earthy tones of blush, tobacco, moss, chambray, lilac, Aegean and moonlight evoke a sense of calm, and are a relaxed juxtaposition to the daring frivolity of animal prints, folk-inspired patterns and textural checks that complete the Barrku collection.