Strand Pendant

Strand Pendant

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by Muuto.

The Strand Pendant Lamp is formed from a sprayed cocoon material with its cloud-like appearance that tightly clings to a spinning steel frame. It consists of tiny strands for a complex, intriguing structure that shrouds the light source while acting as its diffuser. With its see-through expression, the cocoon material allows for the Strand Pendant Lamp to filter light for a warm, comfortable glow. Designed in various sizes and shapes, the Strand Pendant Lamp hovers lightly in space, bringing comfort, harmony and a refined sensitivity into any room.


The Strand Pendant Lamp is designed with soft, playful forms for a modern expression. The design provides both diffused lighting and direct lighting through the top and bottom openings.

The design is made in a sprayed cocoon material that consists of tiny strands for a complex, intriguing structure. Paired with its modern form, the Strand Pendant Lamp has an almost cloud-like appearance. With its cocoon material filtering light through for a warm, comfortable glow, the Strand Pendant Lamp hovers lightly in space, bringing comfort, harmony and a refined sensitivity to any room.

Benjamin Hubert is an award-winning British design entrepreneur, and founder of creative agency, LAYER. LAYER is focused on experience-driven design for both the physical and digital worlds. Led by Benjamin and a growing creative team, LAYER is partnering with forward-thinking brands—including Nike, Google, Bang and Olufsen, Samsung and Braun—to create products that will help define the way we live, work and communicate in the future, from A.I to smart wearables and furniture systems, to the next generation of media devices and mobile communication tools. 


The Strand Pendant is available in five sizes (see image), including the open and closed design:

  • Small Open: 280 mm (diameter) x 374 mm (height)

  • Medium Open: 400 mm (diameter) x 502 mm (height)

  • Large Open: 600 mm (diameter) x 403 mm (height)

  • Small Closed: 600 mm (diameter) x 548 mm (height)

  • Large Closed: 800 mm (diameter) x 608 mm (height).

Cord is 400 cm in length.


Cocoon material is sprayed onto inner steel structure. Cocoon layer with inner steel structure, PVC cord and PE covered steel wire.

The Open Ø60, Closed Ø60 and Closed Ø80 come with a wire suspension system with three wires. 

Ceiling cap included.


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Must be installed by a certified electrician.

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