Constellation Light – Crux (Southern Cross)

Constellation Light – Crux (Southern Cross)


by Nightworks Studio.

Constellation is a range of contemporary pendant lights, designed by ANAESTHETIC. 

“For us, staring up at the sky on a clear night the and looking at the sheer beauty and vastness of stars is very humbling, we wanted to capture the essence of this feeling and recreate it indoors in an abstract, luxurious and contemporary manner. And so, Constellation was born.” - Ben Wahrlich.

Each star is represented by a light bulb and the connecting brass rods reflect the lines typically drawn to illustrate the star pattern.

Constellation is created using Nightworks Studio’s precision machined Bala pendant, modified to incorporate a solid connecting rod. Each light is made from luxurious aged brass.


Bar 1: 1,000 mm (width).

Bar 2: 700 mm (width).


Available in Aged brass.

Wattage: Max 40w

Voltage: 110–240v

Lighting flex: Italian made black fabric cable. 7 mm diameter. Extra safe PVC, double insulated, 3 core with a woven textile outer, 2 m supplied.

Lead time

Nightworks Studio’s lighting is made to order, and has a six week lead time. If you require your lighting in a shorter timeframe, please contact us, and we will do our very best to assist.


Bulbs are not included. 

All lights must be installed by a certified electrician.

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